About Our Club

Manawatu Hapkido was founded in December 1992 by Malcolm Wright, then a 2nd degree black belt. Since then it has graduated many 1st degree black belts, two 2nd degree black belts, one 3rd degree black belt and one Master-rank 4th degree black belt. The club's Chief Instructor is Anthony Dyer (Ants).

The club follows the Hapkido system taught by Grandmaster Lee Jung Nam. GM Lee is an internationally respected martial artist who holds 9th degree black belts in both Taekwondo and Hapkido. He was also previously a Korean Taekwondo champion and captain in the Korean Special Forces. He moved to New Zealand in the mid-1970s and set up Lee's Hapkido and the New Zealand Taekwondo Federation. GM Lee issued Hapkido black belt certificates as a Director of the Korean Hapkido Association Bong Hwa Gymnasium.

While the club was formed as part of Lee's Hapkido, GM Lee then created Kukjae Hapkido as an umbrella federation for New Zealand. On his retirement, GM Lee handed Kukjae Hapkido over to Master Callum Forbes (6th degree black belt and member of the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame).

Master Callum changed the name to the New Zealand Hapkido Federation and sought further affiliation with the World Kido Federation and Hanminjok Hapkido. In 2013 Manawatu Hapkido also applied for, and was granted, affiliation to the World Kido Federation and Hanminjok Hapkido.

Manawatu Hapkido is a growing club with active students of all ages and all grades. So as the club moves into its third decade of operation, we invite you to join us, and learn the strength and grace that comes from practising Hapkido !
Ant Dyer, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Hapkido

Anthony Dyer

Ants is a 2nd degree black belt and Chief Instructor of Manawatu Hapkido. He is well-known in the Manawatu martial arts community, having trained here in Hapkido for many years and also cross-trained with a wide variety of other senior martial artists. Ants has refined his Hapkido through many years working in security, and is well aware of what works in practical situations and what does not. He holds a REPS Accredited Diploma in Sports Studies. He is pictured here on the right, with Master Fari Salievski on the left, following a combined seminar in Wellington in September 2012. Ants competed at the 9th World Hapkido Championships in Busan Korea in 2015.

You can contact Ants at hapkidoants@hotmail.com or on 021 056 4798.
Malcolm Wright, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Hapkido

Malcolm Wright

Master Malcolm is a 4th degree black belt and the Founder of Manawatu Hapkido. He started training in 1985 under Nigel Keay in Dunedin before moving to Wellington to train directly at GM Lee's Gymnasium. He often trained with GM Lee, and was his self-defence partner on a demonstration tour of Noumea. He graded to 3rd degree black belt with Master Callum Forbes in the mid-1990s, but moved to Australia before having the opportunity for further promotion. While living Australia, he spent a year refining his kicking and sparring techniques with Taekwondo Master Kim in Canberra. He returned to Palmerston North in 2011. On 28 January 2015 he completed the requirements for promotion to the rank of Master, 4th degree black belt.